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    When in the course of human events..

    Three Worlds Meet (Beginnings to 1620)

    • Compare and contrast forms of governance, belief systems, and family structures among African, European, and Native American groups.
    • Explain how interactions among African, European, and Native American groups began a cultural transformation.
    • Evaluate the impact of the Columbian Exchange on ecology, agriculture and culture from different perspectives.

    Colonization and Settlement (1497 – 1763)

    • Explain how and why early government structures developed, and determine the impact of these early structures on the evolution of American politics and institutions.
    • Explain how race, gender and status affected social, economic and political opportunities during Colonial times.
    • Determine factors that affected emigration, settlement patterns, and regional identities of the colonies.

    Revolution and the New Nation (1754 – 1820s)

    • Examine the ideals found in the Declaration of Independence, and assess the extent to which they were fulfilled for women, African Americans, and Native Americans during this time period.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the fundamental principles of the Constitution in establishing a federal government that allows for growth and change over time.
    • Determine the role that compromise played in the creation and adoption of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Westward Expansion(1801 – 1853)

    • Describe the methods the United States used to achieve Manifest Destiny.
    • Analyze the impact of Westward Expansion from various perspectives

    Document Based Questions (DBQ)

    • We will be analyzing documents, both primary and secondary to gain a better understanding of what really happened during the time period. Students will act as detectives to come to their own conclusion about the topic, to help strengthen analytical and other higher order thinking skills. Use conclusion drawn to develop an essay to expand their ideas.