The link offers book lists by reading level. 


    This guide offers strategies for supporting your child at each reading level.  It offers a glimpse of what books at each reading level look like, as well as conversation starters for reading with your child. 


    This reading strategies chart may be used when your child gets stuck on a word or when it does not make sense. These strategies are reinforced within the school day.




    1. Go to: www.kidsa-z.com. Kids A-Z

    2. Type in Teacher Username: spulgrano

    3. Find your name.

    4. Type in password: nps

    5. Begin reading!


    1. Go to: Storyline Online

    2. Pick a book.

    3. Watch, listen, and read along! 


    You can use this website to search for books and find out what level they are.

    1. Go to: Scholastic Book Wizard.

    2. Enter title of book and search.

    3. Look at the "Guided Reading Level".


    1. Go to: https://www.spellingcity.com/users/NPS01. Spelling City

    2. Find color group AND unit number.

    3. Click on games.

    4. Play to practice your word study words!