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    Practice your soccer skills at home





    Even though things are looking a little different these days we can still go on adventures. Whether it’s to the beach, the mountains, or even our backyards, we can always use our creativity to have fun. This summer let’s explore our National Park System. If you are not familiar with our National Park System, click here to find out more: 



    Every year I set up National Park Fitness Stations for the elementary level. We pretend our rock wall in the gym is El Capitan in Yosemite, students practice walking the lines in the gym and imagine they are Nik Wallenda going over the Grand Canyon, we picture ourselves dog sledding in Denali on the scooters, the list goes on. It’s one of my favorite lessons to teach. Unfortunately we missed that opportunity this year but luckily we can flex our mouse-clicking muscles and use the internet to take us there on a Virtual Tour.


    Here are a few ideas on how to explore:


    Yosemite- Free Solo is an amazing documentary on Alex Honnald, he is best known for rock climbing big walls.

    Click here to watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urRVZ4SW7WU


    Practice climbing the walls at local parks and/or climbing gyms when it opens up.


    Grand Canyon- Nik Wallenda, high wire daredevil, walking over the Little Colorado River Gorge near Grand Canyon National Park.

    Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N8fUOLcSak&t=9s


     Practice walking heel-toe on a balance beam and/or draw a variety of lines in the driveway and walk across them.


    Denali- The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual long-distance race held in Alaska. Click here to watch a video on the Last Great Race: 



    Walk your dog, ride a scooter, set up checkpoint stations with a variety of different exercises to perform.


    **Attention all 4th graders** You receive a free National Park Pass!! 

    The National Park Service choses 4th graders because research shows that kids ages 9 to 11 are beginning to learn about the world around them, they are open to new ideas, and they are likely to connect to nature and our history. 

    Click here to get your free pass: https://everykidoutdoors.gov/pass.htm 


    Visit some of New Jersey's National Park branches.

    Appalachian National Scenic Trails

    Gateway National Recreation Area

    Ellis Island National Monument

    Paterson Great Falls

    Thomas Edison Historical Park


    You Can Become a Junior Ranger. 



    Take a virtual National Park vacation on YouTube. Check out the GoTraveler link below to watch short videos on all the National Parks:



    Another way to explore our parks is watching the National Parks Adventure Movie.



    National Geographic for Kids has great information about National Parks.




    Download the Oh, Ranger App. It is your virtual guide to National Parks, State Parks and all public lands. 






    Happy Trails!! 





    Monday, June 8th

    Egg & Spoon Relay- this relay requires a spoon, a real or plastic egg (a ball works too), and a pair of shoes to use as cones. Place the shoes/cones at the opposite end of the yard from the starting point. While balancing the egg on the spoon in one hand, quickly walk to the cone and back. The first one to get around the cone and back with their egg still balanced on the spoon is the winner! **You can also make this a timed relay and see if your child can beat his/her previous time.


    Tuesday, June 9th

    Pillow Sack Relay- this relay requires a pillowcase and a pair of shoes to use as cones. Place the shoes/cones at the opposite end of the yard from the starting point. Place both legs inside the pillow case and hop to the cone and back. The first one back to the finish line is the winner! **You can also make this a timed relay and see if your child can beat his/her previous time.


    Wednesday, June 10th

    Water Balloon Toss- this game requires a water balloon, ball, or a roll of toilet paper. You and your partner stand 3 ft away while facing each other. Player one then tosses the object to their partner, and if their partner catches it, they both take one step back – widening the space between them. The objective is to see how far apart they can get before they drop the ball. **Other options for this game is that if one person drops it, the other person wins or you can count to see how many times the object is caught and if the object drops you can start again to see if you can beat your previous score.


    Thursday, June 11th

    Keep It Up- this game requires balloons and a timer. The object of this game is to keep the balloon up in the air for one minute. You can use any part of your body to keep the balloon up. If the balloon touches the ground the game is over. Start off by using one balloon, if you want to challenge yourself you can use two or three balloons. **If one minute is too long try 30 seconds.


    Friday, June 12th

    Beach Towel Target- this game requires a sock ball, beach towel, timer, and a pair shoes to use as cones. Start behind the shoes/cones (approximately 6 ft away from the towel), do one jumping jack, then underhand throw the sock ball onto the target (beach towel). If the ball lands on the towel you fold it in half and repeat. If you miss the target, retrieve the ball and try it again. Fold it three times and unfold it three times in one minute. **You can also repeat this activity twice to see if your child can beat his/her previous time. 


    Mrs. Walsh's National Day Fitness Calendar

    June 1st National Go Barefoot Day –Take off your shoes and socks and explore some of these barefooted activities.

    • Walk in the sand or grass
    • Paint with your feet
    • Go for a walk in the water or splash in puddles
    • Practice yoga
    • Try your balance on a balance beam or log
    • Create your own barefoot sensory path (Pinterest has a lot of great ideas)


    June 3rd National Running Day- A worldwide celebration of running that encourages people of all ages and abilities to get moving.

    • Create your own Running Course- map out a mile run or a 5k
    • Design a Race Bib – make the run official with creating your own race bib. Use plain paper, trim it down to fit, and in black marker write your name and your favorite number. Once you are done use safety pins to attach bib to the runner’s shirt.  
    • Running Games- Make running fun with some of these tag games. Click on link https://kidactivities.net/fun-tag-games-for-pe/


    June 3rd World Bicycle Day – If you have a bike, go for a ride around your neighborhood. If you are unable to bike try this instead.


    June 6th National Yo-Yo Day- Watch this How-To video on how to Yo-Yo. https://youtu.be/KDiioSreoPc


    June 6th National Trails Day- recognizes all the incredible benefits federal, state and local trails provide for recreation and exposure nature.

    • Go on a Hike- Find local trails near you and enjoy some quiet time in nature. Click on link https://www.alltrails.com/
    • Experience the Appalachian Trail- This 5 minute YouTube video captures a thru-hikers journey. A Thru-Hiker is someone who hikes an established end-to-end hiking trail or long-distance trail with continuous footsteps in one direction. The Appalachian Trail is a marked hiking trail extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine.  https://youtu.be/hT8ZMp8Ec7U
    • Geocaching- Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. Download the app on your phone and start exploring. To learn more about this visit https://www.geocaching.com/play for more information. 


    June 11th King Kamehameha Day- a public holiday in the state of Hawaii.

    1. Practice your hula-hooping skills
    2. Unwind with Disney’s Moana Yoga https://youtu.be/5y3gCrL_XIM
    3. Learn how to hula dance https://www.littlepassports.com/blog/hawaii/learn-hula-dance/


    June 13th National Weed your Garden Day- If the weather is nice, get outside and try some of these activities.

    • Mow the lawn
    • Weed the garden
    • Pick some flowers
    • Rake the leaves
    • Smell the flowers
    • Feed the birds


    June 15th Nature Photography Day- Today go for a walk, run, or bike ride and take a picture of something that you find interesting or beautiful. If you can’t take a picture, draw it.


    June 18th National Go Fishing Day- Find a stream, pond, lake or river, bait your hook, cast your line and catch a fish or two. Don’t have a fishing pole, head over to the Discovery Channel and learn about Shark Week. https://go.discovery.com/tv-shows/shark-week/


    June 20th World Juggling Day- YouTube Juggling Basics Video- Grab a couple of scarves, some small balls, or even a few tissues. https://youtu.be/ve2FKNctOBg


    June 21st National Skateboarding Day- If you have skateboard at home practice your skills, if you don’t have one try one of these other ideas.

    1. Visit a skate park and watch others as they take their skills to new heights.
    2. Watch this YouTube video on Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder https://youtu.be/s71Lv793-VQ
    3. Tech Decks- a fingerboard that someone "rides" by making skateboarding tricks with their fingers. Check out what Tech Decks are all about.


    June 23rd National Hydration Day- Try to drink more water, not only today but every day. Have a glass when you wake up. If you have a water bottle, set a time so that every 30 minutes you take a couple sips of water.


    June 24th National Swim a Lap Day- The weather is getting warmer and there’s nothing better than going for a swim on a hot day. If you can’t get into a pool, lake or an ocean try these 10 Dry Land Exercises you can do at home. https://www.summersolutionsswim.com/10-dry-land-exercises-swimmers-can-home/


    June 25th National Handshake Day- Have fun with some classic hand games.

    • Thumb Wrestling
    • Hot Hands
    • Which Hand is it in?
    • Create a Special Handshake
    • Hand-Clapping Games
    • Bubble Gum or Diggy Diggy Diamond
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Shadow Puppets


    June 27th National Bingo Day- Play a classic game of Bingo or change it up and play fitness bingo. Pinterest has a variety of fitness bingo boards you can print out at home.



    June – Fitness Calendar

    Color in each day you complete the exercises









































    ODD Numbers

    • 10 Squats
    • 10 Arm Circles Forwards/Backwards
    • 10 Line Jumps Side to Side
    • 10 Sit-Ups
    • 10 Second Plank


    EVEN Numbers

    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Alphabet Push-Ups
    • 10 Calf Raises
    • 10 Jumping Jacks


    Choose a level you would like to start at. Try to advance your level throughout the month.


    LEVEL 1- Complete 1 Round

    LEVEL 2- Complete 2 Rounds

    LEVEL 3- Complete 3 Rounds

    LEVEL 4- Complete 4 Rounds


    *Adjust the number amount of exercises if needed

    Get Yourself Moving 
    25 different activites you can do at home. 
    Play Ball

    Overhand/Underhand Throw and Catch- throw and catch a ball with a partner using correct form.


    Retrieving Grounders- roll the ball on the ground back and forth to each other.


    Pop-Ups- toss the ball up in the air and catch. 


    Batting- strike a ball off of a tee or practice pitching the ball using the correct stance and swing.


    Running Bases- starting at home plate, practice running to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and back to home base.


    Strike Out- Hang a ring, such as a hula hoop from a tree branch. Draw a line on the ground a few feet away from the ring. Players should stand behind the line and attempt to pitch three baseballs through the ring. Each ball that goes through is considered a strike.


    Blindfolded Baseball- Draw a baseball field on a large poster board and cut out little baseballs out of white paper. Blindfold the kids and then have them pin a baseball on the “field.” They get points for different plays, for instance, if they pin their ball near first base they get one point, second base gets two points, third base gets three points, and home plate gives them four points. You can also have two teams play against each other. 

    Baseball Diamond Bootcamp- Workout around the bases.


    Hit the Zone- Hit off the tee as far as possible to earn points.  


    The MLB (Major League Baseball) has fun activities for kids. Click on your favorite team and explore. Different activities include word finds, spot the difference, coloring sheets, trivia, etc).  



     Watch a Classic Game- you can stream dozens of games on YouTube.


    1. 20 Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family Article from Good Housekeeping
    (Virtual Tour of the White House, Craft your own Poppy, Write a Letter to a Vet, Watch a Memorial Day Concert on TV etc.)
    2. Play some backyard games like Bocce, Croquet, Cornhole, Horseshoes, Ladder Golf, or Kan Jam. 🥏🏸🏏
    3. If you have a tent at home set it up and camp in your backyard. Got a fire pit? Make some s'mores. ⛺️ 
    4. Outdoor Movie Night- Bring your electronics & blankets outside and watch a movie under the stars. ✨ 
    5. Decorate your car red, white and blue and parade around town honoring our vets. 🇺🇸
    6. Have a Zoom'a-que- Set up a zoom BBQ with family members and celebrate.  🍔🌭
    Flip a Coin Workout

    Find a coin (quarter, dime, nickel, or penny) 
    *If you can't find a coin you can always download the flip a coin app. 

    Flip your coin to determine your workout. You can always adjust the amount or change the exercise.
    Let's be kind to our minds. 
    What is mediation?
    Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, and awareness. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body.

    How to meditate:

    One of the great things about meditation is that anyone can do it at any time from anywhere. Whether you’re seated, standing, lying in bed or sitting in the bath, simply close your eyes, focus on taking deep breaths in and out and allow your mind to empty. If thoughts pop up, simply acknowledge them and let them go. Continue to breathe deeply and use your breathing to deepen your inner sense of calm, until you are ready to open your eyes and continue with your day.

    Meditation Apps:
    Go Noodle:
    Click on link below to access a variety of mindfulness exercises
    Animal Breathing Exercises:

    Snake: Inhale a deep breath, exhale through your mouth making a hissing sound like a snake.

    Bear: Imagine a bear hibernating. Inhale through your nose. Pause and count three, two, one, and exhale again while counting three, two, one. Repeat it five times.

    Elephant: Stand with your feet wide apart. Dangle your arms in front of you like an elephant trunk. Breathe in through the nose and raise your arms high above the head. Breathe out through your mouth while swinging the arms down. Repeat three times.

    Bunny: Imagine sniffing like a bunny. Breathe three quick sniffs through the nose and then exhale one deep breath through your mouth while counting to three.

    Bumble Bee: Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and close your eyes. Put your fingers in your ears. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out with your mouth while buzzing like a humming bee.

    Monkey: Cross your legs and sit up tall. Bring your hands in front of your belly. Take a deep breathe in and stretch one arm up to the sky. With a quick, powerful exhale breathe, bring your hand back down. Switch hands. Repeat.

    Let The Games Begin!
    1. Watch this Youtube video on Olympic Facts for Kids 
    2. Creating an Olympic Torch 
    The Olympic Torch is an iconic symbol for the Olympics. Tissue paper (or construction paper) in flame colors, paper plate and a paper towel roll is all you need. After the kids are done, send them out to run some laps and bear their torch with pride!
    3.  Olympic Events 
    Javelin Throw - use a pool noodle or a long branch and see how far you can throw
    Long Jump - see how far you can jump 
    50 Yard Dash - time yourself on how fast you can run and try to beat your time
    Gymnastics - create a simple routine including cartwheels, somersaults, etc.
    Martial Arts - see attached workouts (adjust the amount as needed)
    Cycling - ride your bike around town 
    Archery - draw a bullseye target with sidewalk chalk and fill up a water gun/spray bottle and try to hit the target 
    Swimming - Michael Phelps has accumulated a total of 28 medals at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens, Beijing, London and Rio — 23 gold, three silver and two bronze — setting the record for the most medal wins by any Olympic athlete. watch this amazing compilation video on Michael Phelps. Watch this amazing compilation video on Michael Phelps and recount all 23 of Michael Phelps's Olympic gold medal races. He is known as the most decorated athlete to date. https://youtu.be/F81cLjRY4to
    Indy 500 Ideas 
    1. Make your Own Race Car - Make your own race car out of cardboard. Click the link below for step by step instructions. 
    2. Create a Race Track - If you have toy race cars at home you can use your imagination and create a large-scale race way by using cardboard, markers/paint. 
    3. Race Track Dice Game - Race around the track to the finish line. Cut out the pieces to the attached board game and have some fun. 
    4. How Many Laps Can You Run? Drivers race 200 laps, counter-clockwise around the track, for a distance of 500 miles. Set up a track in your backyard or driveway and see how many laps you can go around it. For variety you can switch up directions or use a different locomotor skill (gallop, skip, walk, hop, crab walk, bear walk).
    5. Red Light, Green Light - One person is chosen to be ‘It’ (the traffic light) and he/she stands a good distance away from the other players with his/her back to them. The other players stand in a line facing It. When It calls ‘Green Light,’ the other players move towards him/her until he/she spins around, calling ‘Red Light.’ When they hear the red light command the other players must freeze on the spot. Any player seen moving must return to the starting line. The players must remain frozen until the next ‘Green Light’ command is given. Play continues in this manner until someone reaches and tags It. The tagger becomes the new It and the game begins again.
    Golf Ideas
    1. Mini-Golf- If you have a set of golf clubs/balls at home you can create your own mini-golf course in your backyard. 
    2. Frisbee (Disc) Golf- If you have a frisbee/hula hoops at home you can do the same as above but use a frisbee instead and use the hula hoops as the target (hole). 
    3. Bullseye Putt - Draw a bullseye target on a big sheet of paper. Lay the paper on the floor. If you get a bullseye that's a hole in one (the ball must stay on the bullseye, if it rolls off it's no good). Then make the outer rings worth points 1,2,3 or however many rings you have in your bullseye.
    4. Club HoppingLay out old golf clubs on the ground like railroad tracks, 1 foot apart. The tracks should be at least 10 feet long. Practice hoping over the clubs with two feet. Different variations- hop over with one foot, run in and out of the clubs, side jumps, high knee run, and/or push-ups/burpees/jumping jacks in between each track. 
    5. Make your Own Golf Club- All you need is newspaper, cardboard, and tape to make your own club. If you don't have a golf ball you can use a ping pong ball or any small ball. 





    Have some fun outdoors with Sidewalk Chalk 

    Write inspirational messages to your community #ChalkTheWalk




    Draw a simon board using your favorite colors.

    Shout out colors and jump in them. 

    See how many jumps in a row you can remember. 


    Some more ideas on what you can do with Side Walk Chalk 

    t         f

    f  f






    Star Wars Workouts 

    Star Wars Themed Yoga by Cosmic Kids 
    Star Wars the Force Awakens 
    Star Wars Adventure 



     d d    k




    Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Hulk, and Spiderman are just some of the superheroes whose names we recognize. Our real-life superheroes may not have superpowers or wear capes, but they are also great role models who serve and protect while fighting evil.  Military personnel, police officers, firefighters, health care workers, first responders, essential workers, teachers, parents, and volunteers, are just a few of the heroes who protect us on a daily basis


    Super Hero Go Noodle Yoga



    Super Hero Fitness Stations

    Station 1 - Captain America Shield Throw- You will have three chances to toss a Frisbee one at a time towards a goal. A point is awarded for each Frisbee that hits the goal. Take turns and tally up the points at the end of the round to see who wins. 

    Station 2 - Ninja Turtle Pizza Box Race - Set up and obstacle course and race through it while holding a pizza box in your hand. 

    Station 3 - Incredible Sack Relay - Step into a potato sack/pillow case and hop down to the cone and back. 

    Station 4 - Iron Man Baton Relay- Hold a baton/paper towel roll in your hand and race down to the cone and back. The runner must pass the baton to the next person in line.





    Kentucky Derby 

    During this time of year I always teach my classes about the most exciting two minutes in sports, The Kentucky Derby, a horse race held annually in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Kentucky Derby is always held on the first Saturday in May. Unfortunately this race is postponed until September but let's celebrate anyway. 
    In class I would show a video clip of what the Kentucky Derby race looks like. Here is the link to last year's race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPjYOiN_QSQ. I also would talk to them about The Triple Crown, when the same horse wins the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. After our discussion we would have a fun relay race competition. 
    If you would like to host your own Kentucky Derby celebration this weekend here are a few ideas.
    1. Create Your Own Hat- It's not the Derby without fabulous headwear! If you have a hat at home or if you would like to create one of your own, pinterest has some great ideas on how to make a derby hat. 
    2. Play a Horse Racing Game- To set up for the race, you will need to set up a track and mark off a starting and finish line. You can also pick your own unique name just like the horses have. On signal, race around the track, whoever finishes first wins. If you have a stick horse or a pool noodle at home you can certainly add them in for fun, you can also practice galloping around the track instead of running. Another backyard game you can play is horseshoes.
    3. Horse Themed Activity Sheets- Fun themed activity sheets that can be printed out (word search, coloring sheets, find the difference, and a maze).
    k                                     m
    d    d
    4. Good Reads- Here are some book suggestions on horses.
    Spirit Riding Free by Jennifer Fox - Age Range: 4 - 8 years
    Who was Seabiscuit? by James Buckley, Jr. - Age Range: 8 - 12

    If I Ran the Horse Show by Bonnie Worth - Age Range: 5 - 8 years






    In honor of the NFL Draft (National Football League) create your own TOUCHDOWN DANCE!!!! 


    Check out this Go Noodle Link to get started:






    Recycling is an important lesson that kids can learn at any age. It's something that they can put to use the rest of their lives and making a game/activity out of it can create a lot of fun memories.

    Earth Day Ideas:

    1. Take a walk. Go outside for a mindful walk. Enjoy the nice weather and sunshine. Listen to the birds, examine the plants and trees blooming.
    2. Plant a seed. Enjoy planting seeds in a small pot and watch it grow. You can get creative and paint the pot in your favorite colors.
    3. Create a human wheelbarrow. Have one person get on their hands and knees, and another lift them by the feet. The two have to work as a team—one with their feet and the other with their hands.
    4. Paint a Rock, Leave a Rock. Find a smooth rock to paint a theme or inspirational messages on. You can leave them in your garden or surprise a neighbor with a gift.
    5. Create a Game. Make your own recycling game from items from your recycling bin.



    Take a Dance Break 

    Learn how to Twist and Shout 


    Click the link below:




    Time to Unwind with Yoga 

    A fun kids yoga adventure based on Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


    Click link below:




    Have fun playing a fitness version of Tic Tac Toe.

    You can also create your own fitness board.





    Take a break from school work and move your body.

    Another option is if you are watching tv you can perform these exercises during commerical breaks.



    Just roll the DICE out and workout!



    Practice a varitey of skills 


    b   m


    s   s


    Have fun outside 




    Go on a Scavenger Hunt 




    Simons Says "Exercise"