• Are you ready for a 30-day exercise challenge?

    Adjust time and repetitions to your fitness level needs.




    How to Do the Basic Plank
    1. Get in the pushup position, only put your forearms on the ground instead of your hands. 
    2. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominals.
    3. Keep a neutral neck and spine.
    4. Create a straight, strong line from head to toes.
    5. Hold that position and breathe.




    How to Do the Basic Push-Up

    1. Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
    2. Straighten your arms and legs.
    3. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor.
    4. Pause, then push yourself back up.
    5. Repeat.

    *Modification you can put your knees on the floor





    How to Do the Basic Sit-Up

    1. Lie down on your back.
    2. Bend your legs and place feet firmly on the ground.
    3. Cross your hands to opposite shoulders or use your legs to help pull yourself up through the center.
    4. Curl your upper body all the way up toward your knees.
    5. Repeat.





    How to Do the Basic Wall-Sit 

    1. Make sure your back is flat against the wall.
    2. Set your feet about shoulder-width apart and then about 2 ft out from the wall.
    3. Slide your back down the wall, bending your legs until they're in a 90 degree angle.
    4. HOLD your position and breathe.