Welcome to 5th and 6th Grade Geography!

    Welcome to 5h and 6th grade Geography!  This year will be one of both learning and fun! Our ultimate goal is to have both personal and academic growth.


    During the course of each marking period, you will be expected to complete a variety of assignments:  at-home and in-class projects, quizzes, tests and laboratory activities.  Your marking period grade will be a reflection of how well you accomplish these tasks, and the effort that you apply to complete them. Grades are available on the parent portal.

    Your grade will be based on the following criteria:


    • Classwork/homework  30%
    • Quizzes                       20%
    • Notebooks.               20%
    • Tests/Projects              30%



    If you are absent from school:

    • it is your responsibility to check the homework board/homework website to see what assignments you missed and what is due (school policy for making up work missed due to absence from school will be followed).
    • it is your responsibility to make up missed work and hand in what you owe in a timely fashion. It is your responsibility to collect any missed handouts that were placed in your class basket.
    • Please note that if you are absent from class due to TAG and/or Music, class work and homework needs to be made up before the next class.
    • Work that is submitted 5 or more days late can be handed in for passing credit only.