• Physical Education Rules and Expected Behaviors

Grading Procedures:

     Grades are based on participation, effort, preparation, and attitude

     Grades are not based on skill level or physical fitness ability

     The most important skills required for PE class are willingness to try activities, following directions, and being cooperative with teachers and fellow students

     Grades are given for grades 3-8

Dress Code:

     Students are required to dress appropriately for Physical Education and will NOT be permitted to participate if appropriate attire is not worn

     The following are considered inappropriate attire: halter tops/tank tops with spaghetti straps, exposed abdomens or back, rolled or low rise waist bands, shorts above mid-thigh

Rules of the Gym: 

     Respect all P. E. equipment

     Food, drinks, gum and candy are not allowed in the gym

     Wear sneakers and proper P. E. attire when participating

     Always show good sportsmanship

     Do not leave the gym area without permission from a teacher

     Be respectful of others, demonstrate self control & discipline

     No cosmetic jewelry


    In order to ensure that students in grades 6, 7, & 8 are fulfilling the requirements of Norwood Public School's PE curriculum, students must makeup classes missed due to a lack of being prepared &/ or participation.  These classes will be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:00-3:30


     All excused notes for Physical Education must be brought to the nurse.