• Spanish Class Rules and Procedures


    1. You are expected to come prepared every day with writing implements, your Spanish notebook, folder, "cuaderno de práctica" and homework, if due. You will also need your Chromebook and earbuds.  No one will be permitted to return to his/ her locker to retrieve materials once he/ she arrives to class.

    2. Students are expected to check the VHL calendar and Google Classroom nightly. This is even more important when you are absent from class/school.

    3. It is always your responsibility to turn in work or complete online assignments missed due to absence and to find out what was missed in your absence. This includes notes, homework, class work, tests, and quizzes. I will be happy to tell you what was missed if you ask at an appropriate time, but I will not automatically inform you or “hound you” about make-up work.  Absence from class due to TAG, Music, etc., is not the same as being absent from school. In the case of pull-outs, homework must be turned in by the start of the missed class period. For example, if you plan on missing first period Spanish, your homework must be turned in by the start of Period 1. Give it to me or to a reliable classmate. Label assignments and put your name on them. Homework missed due to TAG, Music, etc. will not be accepted late. If you are in school, but not in class, please be sure to get assignments from a reliable classmate or me before leaving the building for the day.

    4. If you are absent from school, you have as many days to make up work as you were absent. (Ex. 3 days = 3 days to make up school work). I pay close attention to time limits in regard to missed work.

    5. I expect missed tests/quizzes to be made-up as soon as possible upon returning. They will need to be made-up M-W from 3:00-3:30.

    6. There will be a lot of vocabulary to learn. I will show you how to access the electronic flashcards and I strongly suggest that you set some time aside each night to use them to help reinforce all the words and expressions, even 5-10 minutes a night will be beneficial.

    7. Please refrain from calling out. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized.

    8. Do not deface property in any way.

    9. Finally, extra help is available Monday through Wednesday from 3:00-3:30. Seek it as soon as you become confused. Please don’t wait. It is much easier to “iron-out” something that is confusing you early on than to re-teach and relearn major portions of the curriculum.

    **All days “count”, even though I will not be seeing you everyday. Just because it isn’t a “Spanish day”, doesn’t mean that you should not turn in missed work, take a missed quiz or test or find out about missed work.  I will explain this in more detail when I see you.

    These are simply guidelines for proper behavior and class procedure. I know that you are aware of appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a classroom and I fully expect you to behave accordingly.