• Spanish Grading Criteria


    Your quarter grades will be calculated using a weighted system. You will be evaluated in 3 general areas:

         1. Tests/ Quizzes 60%

         2. Homework 20%

         3. Participation 20%



    Tests and quizzes are graded based on a points system.


    In regard to "Hard Copy HW", the night’s homework is worth “X” points (5, 10, 15, 20 points). If the homework is IN CLASS when I check it, COMPLETE, and DIRECTIONS have been followed, you will earn full credit for that night’s homework.  While homework is not expected to be perfectly done, I do expect to see application of what we have studied or have been studying in your work.

    All homework should be done as if it were being graded.  It should be neat, legible and reflect your best effort.


    If work is not in class at the time I check it, you will earn a 0/X.  If you submit work late, I will note that in the “Public Note” area of the Portal, but you will not receive credit for it, except in the case of absence from school. Again, this applies to HW missed due to negligence, not HW due to absence from school. Work turned in late due to ABSENCEis given credit provided it is turned in according to our school’s policy regarding timelines for missed work.


    If your homework is illegible, incomplete and/or directions have not been followed, you will get reduced credit, at my discretion.  If it is evident that you did not use your book/ notes/handouts etc. to complete homework and there is little or no accuracy, you may also earn reduced credit.


    In regard to online assignments, controls are set to allow two attempts on most assignments.  In cases of assignments that only have two choices, only one attempt is given. You should always use the links provided to help you earn the best score you can. When online HW is missed, there will be a 25% penalty for each day after due date. All days will count. Late work done during the day in another class will not be given any credit. It is expected that you will not copy or have anyone else complete online work. Again, the expectation is that you are checking the VHL calendar nightly, even when absent from school.  




    I will be using the "3Ps Rubric" to assign a preparation/participation/ attitude and behavior grade. It will be out of 100 points. This grade will not appear on the Portal nightly. It will be added in at the end of the trimester.