Mr. DeSantis' ESL Class!


            English as a Second Language (ESL) is a language instructional educational program for students whose primary language is a language other than English. The main  goal of the ESL program is to teach ELLS listening, speaking, reading and writing skills  to be successful in an English speaking environment. Both ESL teachers and content area teachers are expected to utilize the WIDA Standards for English Language Learners in every day instruction.  ESL teachers pull out and/or push in English language learners and work on language development utilizing the common core standards from different content areas such as LA, Math, Science, Social Studies as well as social and instructional language.  Both ESL teachers and content area teachers collaborate to determine the content ESL teachers need to work on with ELLS. At the same time ESL teachers offer support to teachers providing them with WIDA standards reports, expertise and advise on how to better serve ELLS.