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    It has been one hundred days, and we have accomplished a lot...

    After speaking with the team here at NPS, here are some of our exciting findings:

    We have:

    become better readers
    mastered scatter plots and lines of regression in pre-algebra,
    utilized relevant textual evidence to support claims,
    built our reading stamina and  consistently use our decoding strategies to figure out tricky words,
    mastered multiplication and division,
    learned all about our body systems,
    brought home the Bergen Brain Busters trophy,
    mastered Notice and Note “signposts” which alerts us to significant moments in a work of literature and encourages us to read closely,
    fluent in addition facts to sums of 20,
    been engaged in coding through the use of Google CS First and Scratch coding,
    kept our hydroponically grown plants alive during the new experiment, and have produced 7 tasty tomatoes!

    I have also thought about how do we prepare students to become problem-finders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who can thrive in a global society? The Common Core charts a pathway to success, yet we know that checking off each standard one by one will not achieve the kind of results we want. Over the past 100 days, we have seen our students tackle some real world problems.

    In January, students from Mrs. Griffith’s fourth grade class presented at a Board of Education meeting their problem: Crowded indoor recess and a lack of choice. Their articulate and convincing arguments led to our new “Lunch Activity Time.”  Students are now given a choice of placement and activity during lunch on inclement weather days. Coupled with generous donations of games and activities from our community, it has been a tremendous success.
    Students also pulled together their collective thoughts in solving our untidy lunchroom floor issue. Students in grades K-8 were asked to post a solution to our problem and embrace the solutions (see picture). Again, the outcome has been phenomenal, I am happy to report that the cafeteria clean up crew was able to place all debris from the floor in one small plastic bowl!

    Way to go Norwood!

    Principal DeLaura  

    Mr. Vito DeLaura Jr.

    (201) 768-6363  X60120