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    February 2019
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Happy 100th day of school! Much has happened over the past 100 days. Here is just a snapshot of what can be accomplished in 100 days:
    • Grade 3 has successfully learned their multiplication and division facts!
    • Ms. O’ Donnell completed training in Social/Emotional Learning and got her Yoga Teacher certificate!
    • In Kindergarten we have learned to READ!!!
    • The fifth graders have learned about 98 countries in Europe and Africa and the 6th graders have been investigating ancient civilizations.
    • Ms. Wesley has trained and coached our Mathletes in the MathCounts competition! Our students did great, and we all had a fun time getting ready for the competition.
    • Ms. Cab's eighth-grade class is reading The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. They are also studying the history of World War II and making many connections through their cooperative learning activities.
    • During our fourth-grade science class, our students have written over 100 facts instructed by Mystery Doug! We use these facts to explore more, drive our research and then report about our findings!
    • The students in 2B have learned how to add and subtract 2, 3-digit numbers, with and without regrouping. They have also learned all about nonfiction books, including nonfiction text features and how to read nonfiction aloud using a teacher-like voice. Most importantly, my students have learned how to be kind to one another and work together as a team. This is an amazing class!!!
    • 4th graders have come so far!  They can do long multiplication & division, as well as worth with fractions!
    • Aside from the school concerts, students in general music had a unit in which they wrote their own pieces. They then had the opportunity of listening to me perform their compositions on different instruments. This was 5-8th grade.
    • Ms. Carvino has continued her education, obtained a new certification & learned a lot of applicable brain research for math education! 
    • Our students participated in "Blessings in a Backpack" and helped to contribute to the 100's of backpacks delivered to homeless people in NYC and Newark.
    • In art, our students created Linoleum block printing, Mask making and Sumi-e Asian Ink Wash Painting
    • We have had many students of the month and 10 gift card winners.
    • During the first 100 days, the boys basketball team accomplished the task of using teamwork to make the "Championship Game.”
    • 5th graders are using Little Bits to code and create interactive games in the Makerspace!
    We are upping our social media outreach. Please follow us on Facebook @NorwoodPublicSchoolDistrict and on Twitter @NPSEagles.

    Your Partner in Education,
    Principal DeLaura
    Vito DeLaura
    Norwood Public School
    177 Summit Street
    Norwood, NJ 07648
    (201)768-6363 (60120)