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    Welcome to Ms. Stodnick's 5th Grade


    Reading & Writing Class!


    What is Reading & Writing Workshop?

    The workshop is a mold or blueprint that is set up to establish routines that will support the reading and writing work that is completed over the course of the school year.

    This course launches literary structures that will support the growth and independence of students for years to come.

    Reading Workshop: 

    My goal is to teach students to become independent readers and to choose appropriate books that are enjoyable.

    Students will be reading in Book Clubs and independently selecting books to read. Independent Reading books may be borrowed from the classroom library, school library, public library, or brought in from home. Students should bring their books every day to class.

    Mentor texts will be used to model reading comprehension skills. Students will then apply those skills while reading their books independently and actively. Students will also complete a variety of projects on their selected books and/or Book Club books.

    In addition to the use of Book Clubs and independent reading, students will be reading a variety of common readings with a concentration on nonfiction texts.

    Writing Workshop:

    During Writing Workshop, students actively engage in the writing process. The writing process mirrors the way proficient writers write. When using the writing process, students are able to break writing into manageable chunks. The writing process consists of: prewriting/brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, & publishing.

    Teacher and student examples/models help to guide and motivate struggling writers.

    Students will experiment with different genres of writing throughout the year.

    Students will have the opportunity to peer conference as well as teacher conference throughout the writing process.

    Lessons are presented as mini-lessons. Each writing piece will have specific skills that will be targeted.

    There will also be a focus on skills specific to PARCC throughout the year.

    Supplies Needed:

    • Notebook
    • Two-pocket folder
    • Highlighter, post-its, pencil/pen
    • Book


    • Writing Pieces
    • Projects
    • Nonfiction Reading & Writing
    • Reading Logs


    All grades are based on a point system. 

    Points earned for each assignment will be divided by the total possible points to determine the final grade.

    • Homework/Classwork-20%
    • Quizzes–30%
    • Projects–50%



    ***For Homework information, please visit my Calendar.***

    *Complete ALL assignments on time. 

    *Missing and late homework will negatively impact a student's grade.

    *All work missed due to TAG, band, or absence from class MUST be made up in a TIMELY manner.



    *Follow ALL classroom rules.

    *Be prepared for class each and every day. Have ALL required materials.

    *Be organized. This can only help you succeed.

    *Work consistently and efficiently.  Students who show a desire to succeed will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride.

    *Show respect for teachers, classmates, materials, and yourself. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Disrupting class is disrespectful and indicates a lack of full participation in the class.



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