Dear Norwood Community, 

    As I  begin my tenure as Superintendent of Norwood Public School, I wanted to introduce myself and express my excitement about joining the Norwood community. After twenty-two years in education, twenty spent in Mahwah, the town I grew up in, I understand the importance of community. It was the great sense of pride that Norwood has in its community that initially stood out to me and opened my eyes to the potential we have to create a uniquely special school. It will be us working together as one community that will ultimately determine our success and lead to many new and exciting accomplishments.


    While working together doesn’t mean that we always need to agree, it does require that we always listen. Examining different perspectives, learning about others’ experiences, and celebrating diversity in our community will strengthen us both individually and as a community. 

    I look forward to listening and learning more about our school, our community, and our students. 

    Finally, please know I firmly believe that in any school community people are its greatest asset. I have been fortunate to have met some of our staff, parents, and community members and I know we have a group of people in Norwood that are dedicated to ensuring that each child fulfills his or her potential and that every day in Norwood Public School is a rewarding experience for both students and staff.   

    I look forward to the 2021-2021 school year and I’m excited to partner with you to make the 2021-2022 year a success. 

    We Are Norwood. We Are One.


    Kevin Ulmer


    Norwood Public School 

    Mr. Kevin Ulmer
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    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
    Dawn D'Ercole
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