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    Art K-8


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    Welcome to Norwood Public School - Art

    Welcome back to another year of creating art. This year students will continue to strengthen their art skills using a variety of materials. We will also continue learning about how other artists made art throughout history and how different cultures use art as a means of self-expression and communication.
    Classroom Policies:
    ·      Respect your classmates, teacher, room and art supplies.
    ·      Take care of art supplies and always clean up at the end of the class. (Intentional misuse of materials will result in losing the privilege of using the materials and/or being required to replace the materials.)
    ·      Arrive to class on time.

    Students will be receiving a grade in art class. Grades are based on:
    ·      The amount of effort put into each project and into the class.
    ·      How well concepts of a project are understood.
    ·      Classroom preparation (including being on time to class).
    ·      Classroom cooperation and participation.
    Art is Messy! Please remember art can be messy because we will be using paint and other materials, which may stain clothing. Every effort will be taken to ensure the cleanliness of the room and children during these projects. However, it is a good idea to send your child to school in older clothes on art days. Every child in every grade is welcome to bring a smock to art class on any day. Students will be responsible for remembering to bring this smock and take it with them at the end of the class. Old long-sleeved button-down shirts make the best smocks, but old tee shirts also work very well. Aprons are fine, just keep in mind when the smock does not cover your child’s sleeves, they may get dirty.
    Taking Home Projects: Some art projects will be taken home during the course of the year and some projects may be displayed and returned later.
    Please be assured that our Art Room has a warm and inviting atmosphere, and is a place where students come to learn safely and securely while being respectful and responsible. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Cooper via e-mail at cooperma@wearenorwood.com or by telephone at (201) 768-6363 extension 60229.