Community Resources

Helpful Mental Health Links For Parents and Students

 Here are some resources that I hope will be helpful!


Bergen County Resources:

Family and Parenting Guide


Talking to your child about Divorce:


Anxious Child? Try These 49 Phrases to calm an anxious child


 Helping children with ADHD:


Information about Eating Disorders:


Crisis and Family Counseling:

201-262-HELP - Crisis hotline for parents 

1-888-222-2228 - NJ Youth Help Line

1-877-652-7624 - Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization System - Crisis hotline for parents in need of immediate assistance

Department of Children and Families' Child Abuse Hotline:

1-877-NJ-ABUSE - 1-877-652-2873  Provider of Mental health Services   Children's Aid and Family Services