NPS Digital Library

Follett Shelf

Directions to Check Out and Read eBooks


To read an eBook on your computer:


1.         Go to


2.      Enter UserName (enter your first and last name with no spacing and capatilizing the first letter of your first name.- example:  if your name is John Brown, you would enter Johnbrown.) and Password (NPS).


3.      Select the book you want to read by narrowing your search to reading/interest levels, author, genre, series and review ratings by using the settings on the left side of the screen. 


4.      Click the i Overview icon to learn more about the book and to checkout.  All ebooks may be kept for 7 days and will automatically be returned to FolletShelf.


To read ebooks on iPad or Android Tablets:


1.     Go to app store and download FollettDigital Reader. It is a free download.


2.     Once app is downloaded, open up Follett Digital Reader.


3.     Enter information. Website address is

       Username:    Your first and last name with no spacing, capatilizing the first letter of your first name (example Johnbrown).

       Password:      NPS


4.     Books can be read online (which means you must have internet access at all times) OR download onto a device (which means you can read anywhere).


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the NPS Library and we will do our best to get you started.   Enjoy our new digital library – Happy eReading!


Mrs. Rienas

Media Specialist

Norwood Public School Library

201-768-6363 ext. 60127