April 4, 2024 

Dear Community,

In times of change and transition, it is important to reflect on the progress we have made and the hope that lies ahead. As we bid farewell to Mr. Ulmer at the end of the school year, we acknowledge his invaluable contributions to Norwood Public School. Through the combined efforts of the Norwood Board of Education, Mr. Ulmer, and the NPS faculty, remarkable growth and transformation have been observed at Norwood Public School.

Together with the Board of Education, Mr. Ulmer has steered us towards excellence by improving test scores, updating policies, and fostering a nurturing environment for our students. His efforts to differentiate the middle school from the elementary school have enriched our curriculum and provided a more personalized experience for our children. We are grateful for his commitment and vision.

While we are saddened by Mr. Ulmer's departure, the board stands united in our resolve to uphold the progress we have achieved. The Norwood Board of Education is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition and continuing our journey towards academic excellence. We are actively working on finding a new superintendent who will carry forward our mission with passion and dedication.

In the coming months, we will keep our community informed about the hiring process and the steps we are taking to maintain the momentum of our school. We understand the concerns that may arise from this change, but we assure you that our focus remains on the well-being and growth of our students.

We extend an open invitation to parents, stakeholders, and community members to engage with us at board meetings, share your feedback, and collaborate on shaping the future of Norwood Public School. Your involvement is crucial in our quest to provide the best education for our children.

Let us embrace this period of transition with optimism and resilience. Together, we can overcome challenges and continue to inspire excellence in education. The spirit of unity and determination within our community will guide us towards a brighter tomorrow.

With hope and gratitude,

Heather Garcia


Norwood Board of Education